Founder of Offline Recordings, DJ and Producer.
Started DJing Techno/House in 94, moved to DnB in 96, just to fall back in love with Techno and House again in 2007. Building his Studio and getting into Production in the ' 90s several vinyl releases on German & UK Labels followed. Formerly known as Nativeminds (together with Daniel Savine), releases can be found on Marc Mac's mighty 'Reinforced Records' and Peshays 'Cubic Records' and also UK based 'Skunkrock Produktions'. In 2001 the two also found their own label Offline recordings ( In 2005 one of Marc's records had beeing nominated by BBC Radio One Xtra as one of the 5 'London Carnival tunes of that year'. Beeing open for all types of genres the slower House sound came back into Marcs Head and Heart around the year 2007 and he started searching and developing his own sound again. Since then over 40 releases where dropped on Offline Recordings. All for the love of Music, chasing and developing fresh sounds. As it all started with DJ'ing, this is still the main passion and driver for Marc. Between 1997 and today he had a blast playing all over the world, for example at places like Icon Club Berlin, Summerjam Festival Cologne, Röhre Stuttgart, Veto Ibiza just to name the least. Marc Veiz big passion is still playing vinyl sets. Of course its not always possible, but whenever it is, its on.
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