Proudly Presents Release 007.  - Marc Veiz feat. Magdalena - Don't You Kill ma Vibe EP - Droping May 17th 2018
About the Artist':
Magdalena is a Singer from Stuttgart/Germany. Born in the summer of 89 in Münsingen near Stuttgart.
Grown up in Gottlieb Daimler's birthplace Schorndorf. Marked by good old school music like MC Hammer, Kool and the Gang, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Boyz2Men, Sade, 2Pac, R. Kelly ...
At the age of 6 years she was a private violinist until she was 17 years old and at the age of 14 she developed a love for poetry and writing and started to work on totally scratched keyboard composing.
Lately: For almost 4 years as a singer songwriter on piano with german soul/pop. My music is shaped by the love and fears it brings with it, growth as a human being and my other world view, paired with a bit of wit and deliberate exaggerations. ... here, there is the main thing in motion, trying to live the dreams accordingly, because I believe that life is a wish concert … About Marc Veiz: Started DJing Techno/House in 94, moved to DnB in 96, just to fall back in love with Techno and House again in 2007. After getting into Production in the freakin' 90s with a 7300 Mac and a external A3000 Midisampler several vinyl releases on German & UK Labels followed. Formerly known as Nativeminds (together with Daniel Savine), releases can be found on Marc Mac's mighty 'Reinforced Records' and Peshays 'Cubic Records' and also UK based 'Skunkrock Produktions'. Also famous german Labels 'Basswerk' and 'Santorin' released Savines and Marcs tunes. In 2003 the two also found their own label Offline recordings. Beeing open for all types of genres the slower House sound came back into Marcs Head in 2007 and he started searching and developing his own sound.


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